The Significance of Teaching Methods in Enhancing Education Quality

17 June, 2024

In line with the directives of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and upon the recommendations of the Scientific Supervision and Evaluation Authority, and under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Hussein Ismail, Dean of Al-Mamoon University College, the Quality Assurance and University Performance Department at Al-Mamoon University College organized a workshop entitled (Teaching Methods and Their Impact on Education Quality).

The workshop chaired by Dr. Ismail Abdul Aziz, Advisor to the Quality Assurance Department at Al-Mamoon University College, was attended by heads of scientific departments, department secretaries, and instructors. Dr. Abdul Aziz shed light on the crucial role of teaching methods in the educational process, describing them as effective and indispensable tools for organizing lessons and delivering course material effectively. He emphasized that teachers cannot succeed without employing appropriate teaching methods, as these are essential for achieving both general and specific educational objectives.