Al-Mamoon University College at Bayan Univ. Erbil's AI/ICT Conference

17 June, 2024

Represented by Assistant Professor Dr. Taif Sami and Assistant Professor Dr. Bilal Anwar, Al-Mamoon University College participated in the Third International Conference of Bayan University Erbil for Artificial Intelligence, Information and Communication Technology. On the first day, the college was recognized with Bayan University Erbil's shield in appreciation of its active participation in the conference.

Dr. Sami delivered Al-Mamoon's speech on behalf of its Dean, Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Hussein Ismail. He summarized the college's journey since its inception to the present day, and the developments it has witnessed, and newly established departments aligned with Iraqi and global market trends.

The following day is anticipated to witness discussions on establishing scientific cooperation agreements between Bayan University Erbil and Al-Mamoon University College, aiming to enhance the academic and cultural standing of both institutions. Notably, Al-Mamoon University College has begun serious steps to elevate its national ranking in line with its future vision.