Library Supervision Subcommittee Visits Al-Mamoon University College

17 June, 2024

Emphasizing the adoption of the documentary, descriptive, and analytical approach and the necessity of working with an integrated library system according to the (KOHA) system, the Subcommittee for Supervision of University Libraries paid a visit to Al-Mamoon University College on Wednesday, March 27, 2024.

The committee, which includes Dr. Marwan Abdul-Razzaq Matar as the Chairman, Associate Professor Amal Fadhel Abbas, Associate Professor Bushra Khalid Muhammad, Assistant Professor Ziad Qasim Habib, and Dr. Aida Mustafa Salman as members, conducted an inspection of the central library at Al-Mamoon University College. They also reviewed the main register and verified the complete entry of data.

Dr. Marwan Abdul-Razzaq Matar, Chairman of the Committee, stressed the need to coordinate and organize the bibliographic work in the college library and to consider the library's development needs. He emphasized the need to address any challenges faced by the library, implement necessary solutions, and provide the required resources to deliver physical and electronic services. Additionally, he highlighted the significance of preparing the library's general administration budget and to follow up on its implementation.