Bologna System Assessment Workshop

17 June, 2024

In continuation of enhancing its robustness, Al-Mamoon University College continues to implement mechanisms for the development of its teaching staff, programs and sustainability. Today, the college held an in-depth workshop focusing on evaluating the Bologna system by implementing three specific assessment forms for evaluating infrastructure, courses, and the introduction of an internal audit system for Bologna quality assurance programs. A logistics support team was established by the college to assess the processes of departments that implement the system, including Engineering, Engineering Technology, and Science departments.

The workshop participants thoroughly discussed the audit mechanisms and their outcomes, paving the way for the establishment of audit committees. These committees will conduct their auditing and evaluation activities within a week of the audit programs' launch. Through this initiative, Al-Mamoon University College strives to serve as a beacon for other Iraqi universities, fostering higher education excellence and contributing to the advancement of Iraq's educational landscape.