AI Applications in Developing Higher Education and Scientific Research Curricula

17 June, 2024

Under the patronage of Professor Dr. Abdul Karim Hussein Ismail and in coordination with the Media and Public Relations Unit, the Continuing Education and Scientific Development Division organized an awareness-raising seminar entitled "AI Applications in Developing Higher Education Curricula and Scientific Research." The seminar was chaired by Dr. Hassan Wryoush, Head of the Department of Computer Engineering.

Wryoush emphasized the significant contribution of AI in assisting teachers by reducing the burdens of clerical work that often consumes a large part of their time. AI can be used to automate most routine tasks, including administrative work, paper grading, evaluating learning patterns in schools, responding to general inquiries, and other routine administrative tasks.

According to some studies, teachers spend 31% of their time preparing lessons, grading tests, and doing administrative work. Therefore, by using automation and AI tools, teachers can automate manual processes such as grading exams and evaluating assignments, thus reducing administrative tasks and providing them with the opportunity to focus and devote more time to students.

Wryoush also highlighted the role of AI in automatically and quickly updating curricula in light of the information revolution and cognitive development, which have reached a level where the validity of the knowledge and sciences that a person will learn in the future will be limited to only five years. While developing scientific curricula and printing specialized books is a long and complex process that may take 5 years in itself, AI techniques are capable of inferring the required knowledge and skills at a given time, thus automatically updating lessons and presenting them to the student in a way that suits his needs and abilities.

A number of professors from Al-Mamoon University College participated in the seminar.